How Domestic Abuse Victims Can Use Tech to Escape the Situation

Technology today has grown to levels that we might not have expected in some years before, and the applications to different aspects of life have also been boosted in no small means. By different forms of life, though, we mean both the good and the bad.

To cut the long story short, this is evident in how technology can now be used to carry out domestic abuse in varying degrees. This is surely a growing concern for us, but there is good news too.

5 Things I do When Having A Depressive Episode

I have bipolar, so depression is inevitable. Even with medication, I still have bad days. I have been experiencing a depressive episode lately. I call it an episode because I know it won’t last. However, it does not feel like that when I deep into my depression. I tend to isolate, avoid responsibility, lose my humor, and worst of all, lose myself. There are steps I need to take to get out of myself and focus on more positive things in life.