The Best Church Websites Start Here

The Best Church Websites Start Here

These days, more and more churches are utilizing a church website (and even a social presence! High adventure indeed!) We have never lived in a time where information is so accessible (Daniel 12:4). Churches can and should take advantage of the digital tools at their disposal to broadcast to the world what they believe.

Making a website for a church can help to overcome anonymity and become recognized by its community. Many churches have great youth groups, inspiring and uplifting worship services and regular community events. However, without being able to spread the word effectively, these church activities may go unnoticed and suffer very little participation.



When a new church is first planted, the survival of the church often depends upon how well the church founders are able to introduce their church to other churches and residents in the area. When church founders learn how to make a website and begin putting helpful and useful information onto the church website, they begin a great measure to reach out to the community. More and more non-profits, business, and churches are using websites as a way to inform people about their offerings, culture, and brand.

Churches benefit from creating websites when they post photos, text articles, videos, and podcasts to their websites. These elements teach about the church in an interactive manner, helping to drum up public interest in the new church. By offering podcasts of sermons and posting worship music online, many churches give their web visitors inside information about their culture and beliefs. This is helpful in drawing in new members who may be shopping for a new church home.



Video testimonies are a great tool that can be used on a church website. In addition to video testimonies, a letter from the main pastor and photos of church camps, social functions, prayer and small groups, family outreach programs, and children’s services provide important visual cues to people searching church websites. Added bonus: by building this information into a website platform once, you (or your office administrator) may have learned how to make a church website. (Or just hire folks versed in web design and let them lead you through the process).

Of course, in the face of risk, there are also rewards. Sure, no church wants to put forth time and effort only to have no one sitting in the seats during the Sunday morning service. Here are some of the ways your church website can lend to the growth of your ministry.



As stated already, an online presence allows you to share resources and information. People want to know about you. They want to know what to expect when attending your services. Existing church members may turn to the website to learn of upcoming events, listen to sermons, interact with one another, receive announcements, and more.



Through your church website, members may interact with one another through live chat, message boards, or other resources. Your website may also be used to subscribe to and deliver newsletters (cutting back on printing costs), employ polls and surveys, publish blog articles, or utilize other features that keep your audience returning for more.



Even a small church can afford to have a website. The cost of a website is often times less than what the cost of a one-time print and may be. The information on your website alone can save time in answering some of the most frequently asked questions you receive on a daily basis. It can also help reduce the cost of your printed literature.



Finally, your church’s website is the only online platform you actually control. Social media is a key part of any communications strategy, but you have no say on the changes social media platforms make. Just look at Facebook over the past several years; changes to algorithms and business models have made it tougher to reach your users.

At least with your church website, you’re in charge of any changes. Now, go forth and conque




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