6 No Prep Games for Youth Group

6 No Prep Games for Youth Group

1. Link em’

     It is a game similar to tag. Have students get into lines of 3-4 students spread out across the field and have them link arms. There is one student that is “it” and one student that is running. The student running can link up to any chain of students. The student at the opposite end of that chain disconnects and now runs from the student that is “it.” When a student gets tagged, that students becomes “it.”

2. House Guest

     One student is chosen to leave the room. 4-5 students are chosen to participate in the game. These students are to pick a celebrity and tell the audience who they are. The student who left the room is to come back in and act like he/she is throwing a house party. Each of the 4-5 students come in to the party. It is the job of the one student to ask questions and guess what celebrities the other students are.

3. Kitty Wants A Corner

     Before you start the game, one person must be dubbed the kitty. Once you have your kitty, everyone but him/her must stand in a circle. The kitty stands in the middle of the circle, and goes to each person saying "Kitty Wants a Corner". If the person asked wants to give up their spot, they give the kitty their space, which then makes them the kitty. If the person asked does not want to give up their space, they say "Ask my neighbor". If the kitty doesn't get a space, they must keep asking until they get one. Here's the tricky part: while the kitty is asking for a corner, everyone behind him/her is switching places. One person has to switch with another, without being seen. Because if the kitty sees you trying to switch places, they can steal the corner before you get there, which makes you the new kitty. The people within the circle must make eye contact with someone else before switching places, so they can know who they're trading with and where they're going. No one can talk except for the kitty, everything is done with the eyes.


4. Honey if You Love Me

     The group starts in a circle with one person in the middle. This person tries to get others to laugh by saying “Honey if you love me you’ll smile.” The person on the outside must respond without smiling or laughing saying, "Honey, I love you but I just can't smile." The person in the middle can do various things, without touching anyone, to get another person to smile. If the person does smile then they will become the center person.


5. Big Booty

     Have students arrange themselves in a circle. Designate one student as Big Booty. The others, going clockwise, are numbered: 1, 2, 3 and so on. Now Big Booty establishes a 4-beat rhythm, saying Big Booty, Big Booty, Big Booty (followed by a rest) - repeat this until everyone got the rhythm. The game then goes as follows: Big Booty passes the buck to someone else, saying Big Booty to 7 (say) (this takes 2 beats, one for saying `Big Booty` and one for saying `to 7`). Number 7 then passes in 2 beats to, say number 2, saying `7 to 2`. It then continues until someone makes a mistake: if and when that happens everyone says (in 2 beats) `Oh Shit`, after which we repeat Big Booty Big Booty Big Booty ( + rest on 4th beat), twice. After that, the player that made the mistake becomes Big Booty, and everyone`s number changes. New Big Booty starts the game again.


6. The Hand Game


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