What is A Worldview

What is A Worldview

A worldview is the lens in which we view the world. It affects our daily life by guiding the way we think and live. It dictates all the decisions we make. A worldview is what influences our evaluation of what we perceive as true such as the way we approach the Bible and the way we approach our lifestyle. A worldview consists of assumptions, or underlying beliefs that are developed through careful reason, experience, and reflection. These assumptions are what a person commits to. These assumptions are the framework for how one interprets reality.

A worldview endeavors to answer the following questions:

What is real?

What is true?

Can we be saved and if so, how?


Why is a worldview important?

A worldview is important because it helps one know themselves and truth. Socrates said “the unexamined life is not worth living” 2 Corinthians 13:5 says “Test yourself to see if you are in the faith; examine yourselves. What is real? Do we live our lives as if what we believe is really real? In other words, do we practice what we preach. A Christian who promotes love, but then flips off another driver is not practicing what they preach.

A worldview is like the foundation of a building. The foundation has to be stable because it is what everything else is built upon. As previously mentioned, all our decisions are based upon our worldview.


There are three main worldviews: atheism, pantheism, and theism. Atheism believe only what can be analyzed and understood in a scientific laboratory. There is no belief in God or a spiritual realm. Pantheism means “all is God.” They believe in a spiritual realm, but not in a relational God. This worldview typically consists of Hinduism, Buddhism, and New Age. Theism, or monotheism, believe in a single, personal, and relational God. They also believe in absolute truth and an afterlife. Theism typically consists of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

Test Your Worldview

There are three ways to test our worldview: the coherence test, the correspondence test, and the practical test. The coherence test checks the internal validity of a worldview to see if any beliefs contradict another in that worldview. The correspondence test checks evidences and experience to see how it corresponds to the real world. The practical test checks the worldview’s livability.


A worldview is the framework for comprehending and interpreting reality. This interpretation influence our behavior for one acts according to the truths they believe. Each person has a worldview and every worldview is made up of both faith and reason, whether you are a Christian or not.

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