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Days of Creation

The Bible can be divided into four acts, similar to how a play is broken up into acts. These acts include: creation, the fall, redemption, and restoration. This post will focus on the creation act. Genesis 1 and 2 tell about the creation of the universe. It is telling the “why” of creation, not the “how.”

Live in Righteousness

Righteousness changes based on the relationship and expectations. The expectations I have for a relationship with my friends are different than the expectations I have for a relationship with a wife. In any of those relationships, righteousness would be living up to the expectations that is yielded by the relationship. When the Bible talks about being righteous, it is for those who live up to the expectations that God has set for His people. These are found in the Law and then is given to us through relationship with Jesus.

Waiting Is Not Doing Nothing

David was anointed the next king, but Samuel just leaves. Although David was anointed, it was not yet in God’s timing for him to take the throne. He still had to prepare himself. God does not call the prepared but prepares the called. David had to wait, maybe even for years. Sometimes God tells us to wait. Waiting is not doing nothing.

Are You Like Abraham

I just love Abraham because he was given such a BIG promise from God even when it seems against all odds. Let's take a peek into a time in his life where the promise of God was being challenged within him and see how you might just compare to him!