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Demi Lovato Posing For Body Positivity

As most of you know, Demi Lovato has been in the spotlight a lot from being a child star on Barney and Camp Rock to her struggles with addiction and mental health. I have followed her social media for a long time because I find her inspirational for a struggle with a lot of the same things that she does. Knowing that Demi has struggled with body image and eating disorders is common knowledge. She has been candid with her struggle. She has done a lot of things from very strict diets to strenuous exercise regiments to achieve this unachievable goal of the perfect body. As somebody who has struggled with Bulimia and Body Dysmorphia, I can say that Demi is an encouragement for me.

5 Things I do When Having A Depressive Episode

I have bipolar, so depression is inevitable. Even with medication, I still have bad days. I have been experiencing a depressive episode lately. I call it an episode because I know it won’t last. However, it does not feel like that when I deep into my depression. I tend to isolate, avoid responsibility, lose my humor, and worst of all, lose myself. There are steps I need to take to get out of myself and focus on more positive things in life.

4 Lies Bipolar Depression Tells You About Recovery

A journey through recovery from bipolar depression is like surfing on the ocean. There are waves and seasons in life. Sometimes the waves seem higher than you can manage. Sometimes there are no waves and you are just wading in the water. You have to learn how to surf and manage those waves. When you are in the midst of a wave that seems like a juggernaut, your depression starts talking, and talking loudly. It tells you that you are unlovable, a screw up, worthless, and more. Your reality becomes a distorted perspective of reality. Here are some lies my depression tells me when I am surfing a large wave that seems to have no end.

5 Tips For Loving Somebody With Bipolar Depression

There are several sources for somebody with Bipolar Depression to learn to love themselves from self-help books to the Bible to therapy to more. However, there are limited sources available for people who love somebody with Bipolar Depression. You could be a family member, a significant other, or a friend and not know how to respond in love to somebody struggling with Bipolar Depression. I know sometimes it is difficult for my family and my girlfriend to know what I need when I am going through an episode, and it is difficult for me to articulate what I need at that moment. Here are some tips for how to love somebody with Bipolar Depression.