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How Domestic Abuse Victims Can Use Tech to Escape the Situation

Technology today has grown to levels that we might not have expected in some years before, and the applications to different aspects of life have also been boosted in no small means. By different forms of life, though, we mean both the good and the bad.

To cut the long story short, this is evident in how technology can now be used to carry out domestic abuse in varying degrees. This is surely a growing concern for us, but there is good news too.

What is A Worldview

A worldview is the framework for comprehending and interpreting reality. This interpretation influence our behavior for one acts according to the truths they believe. Each person has a worldview and every worldview is made up of both faith and reason, whether you are a Christian or not.

The Call To Steward Creation

In this season of plastic free July, I am reminded of one of the first calls of Christianity: to take care of the planet. Now this may seem like a made-up idea that is used to push the agenda of the trend of being eco-friendly, but this is an actual issue for the Christian nation. In Genesis, God calls Adam and Eve to take care of the land and the animals that was provided for them.

Peace Beyond The Season

We must not only choose to follow the call to love our fellow man when we are standing around a Christmas tree. It does not take the flame of an Advent candle to give us the ability to love and serve. Peace on earth is not meant to be a short-lived fantasy in the holiday hustle and bustle. If we only seek to follow our call to love the poor, widow, and orphan under the mask of the Christmas season, then our offense to the character of God is rank; our motives are tainted, and even our acts of righteousness are defiled.