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Place-Sharing in Youth Ministry

So many times, in youth ministry, we try to put on a performance to attract youth. We hold fun events, play contemporary music, do extravagant set designs for the stage and youth room, and more. Now, none of these are bad. They are great tools. However, ministry is about relationships. We have to practice relational ministry. In order for a youth leader to reach an adolescent, they must build a relationship. According to Bonhoeffer, relationships are what hold the church and the world together. We have to enter deeply into each other’s lives and become place-sharers.

The Best Church Websites Start Here

These days, more and more churches are utilizing a church website (and even a social presence! High adventure indeed!) We have never lived in a time where information is so accessible (Daniel 12:4). Churches can and should take advantage of the digital tools at their disposal to broadcast to the world what they believe.

Making a website for a church can help to overcome anonymity and become recognized by its community. Many churches have great youth groups, inspiring and uplifting worship services and regular community events. However, without being able to spread the word effectively, these church activities may go unnoticed and suffer very little participation.